Logbook Loans

Up to 60% financing against the vehicle’s market value.

Business Loans

This loan facility is suitable to finance your working capital or any other short-term financial requirement for your business and
it comes at a fair rate that works for both the business and lender.

LPO Financing

We offer you quick, reliable financing against LPOs from reputable organizations to enable you to deliver the goods and services
in a timely manner.

Import Duty Financing

The facility is repayable within a period of six (6) months agreed reasonable monthly instalments.


Insurance is a contract between an individual or organization (known as the policyholder) and an insurance company. In the contract, the insurer promises to pay the policyholder in the event the specified risk occurs. The policyholder promises to pay a premium to the insurer to cover the risk.

Bid Bonds

Are you a supplier applying for a tender that requires a Bid Bond from a reputable financial institution? We have your back! Talk to us for a cash-free bid bond issued within an hour.

Performance Bonds Guarantee

Performance Bonds are a requirement upon the award of a contract as a commitment to the successful completion and fulfillment of the terms of the contract.

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We offer logbook loans of up to 60% of the vehicles market value.