Okolea Mathree

Scope of the product

Following market research we believe the matatu sector is largely untapped by financial institutions for small loans to bridge the often unexpected financial requirements they come across.

Our proposed product seeks to give loans to matatu owners under the banner of Okolea Mathree. The intention of this is to assist matatu owners borrow money quickly with the vehicle serving as the security of the loan. The loans will range between KES. 50, 000 – KES. 300, 000 for a period not exceeding 6 months.

The loans should be primarily used for the following:

  1. Mechanical repairs
  2. Body work
  3. Replacement of tyres
  4. Insurance
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Terms and Conditions

1. Vehicle should not be more than 12 years
2. Comprehensively Insured
3. Have a valid TLB license
4. Have a fully paid Sacco membership
5. Valid Inspection Certificate
6. Speed governor compliance certificate
7. Copy of ID of the Matatu owner
8. Copy of all Company Statutory documents where applicable
9. PIN Certificate
10. Original logbook in the clients name
11. Valuation from our panel of approved valuers
12.Security perfection i.e. in charge
13. All installment cheques inn favor of FCL

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Payment Installments

1. Payment shall be made on a weekly basis to FCL Till number.
2. Payment shall be made via any mobile payment platform.

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Loan Holiday

Upon disbursement the client will have a 30-day holiday but pay the interest due for the month.

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