Import Duty Finance

This is a financing solution for importers to pay import duty, port charges and agency fee in respect to Motor Vehicles.

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Terms & Condition

  1. Financing of up to 100% of the invoice raised by third parties (KRA, KPA/CFS and Clearing agents).
  2. Tenure – Facility will be granted for a minimum of 1 month and maximum of 3 months with the option of the client being reviewed for conversion to log book financing.
  3. Fixed interest rate of 4% pm
  4. Processing fee of 3%.
  5. Loan Insurance 1.5%
  6. The vehicle must not be older than 9years at the end of the loan term
  7. Insurance for the vehicle will remain comprehensive for the full value of the motor vehicle for the period the asset is under financing.
  8. The vehicle shall only be cleared from the port by FCLs appointed clearing agent.
  9. The vehicle shall be stored at an FCL appointed storage facility until the loan is cleared
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The following documents should be provided in PDF format.

  1. A quotation for duty (duty entry and other related charges)
  2. Original importation documents i.e. Bill of Lading, Inspection Certificate by a KEBS certified agent, Import Declaration Form and Export Certificate (Japanese Log Book)
  3. Certified bank/Mpesa statements for a period of 12 months
  4. Copy of National ID / passport, KRA PIN, Certificate of Incorporation, Business registration and Memorandum and Articles of Association
  5. Provision of postdated cheques or a bank standing order.
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How old should my vehicle be?

The car should not be older than 9 years by the time of the application for the financing.

How do I make an application?

You can make an application physically at any of our branches in Mombasa and Nairobi or can contact us on our Tel – 0705 474 291, Email – or through our appointed agents.

What is the minimum and maximum loan tenure for the loan?

Minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 3 months.

What is the rate of Interest?

FCL charges a fixed interest rate of 4% pm.

Are there any other charges?

Yes. We charge loan processing fee of 3% and a loan insurance fee of 1.5% of the loan amount.

What is the maximum amount of loan I can get?

Up to 100% of import duty entry, port charges and agency fee

How long does it take for me to get the financing?

After the loan approval and securities perfection process, the loan is disbursed within 6 working hours.

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