In the quest for financial empowerment, logbook loans by First Capital Limited shine as a leading solution for individuals and businesses alike. These loans provide access to substantial funds, coupled with a flexible repayment period, making them a popular choice in the financial market. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into the world of logbook loans, explore their benefits, and shed light on other similar loans that cater to diverse financial needs.

Logbook Loans by First Capital Limited: The Basics

What are Logbook Loans?

Logbook loans are secured loans where borrowers use their vehicle’s logbook (registration certificate) as collateral to obtain funds. With First Capital Limited, individuals can borrow up to Kshs. 25,000,000, providing a powerful financial tool for various purposes.

Key Features

– Loan Amount: Up to Kshs. 25,000,000
– Repayment Period: Extended up to 24 months
– Turnaround Time: A swift 5 hours

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Similar Loans: Exploring Diverse Financial Solutions

1. Asset Financing

Asset financing empowers businesses to acquire assets, such as machinery or vehicles, through installment payments. It’s an ideal option for businesses seeking to expand their operations without committing substantial upfront capital.

2. Business Loans

Business loans from First Capital Limited cater to entrepreneurs in need of capital for startup ventures, expansions, or day-to-day operations. With flexible repayment options, businesses can maintain smooth cash flow and pursue growth opportunities.

3. Trade Finance

Trade finance facilitates international transactions by providing working capital and mitigating risks. It’s an essential tool for businesses engaged in global trade, ensuring smooth cross-border operations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I apply for a logbook loan?

Applying for a logbook loan is simple and straightforward. You can initiate the process by visiting our website at or calling us at 0705 474 291.

2. What documents do I need for the loan application?

To apply for a logbook loan, you’ll need your national ID, logbook, proof of income, and other supporting documents as required by First Capital Limited.

3. Can I still use my vehicle during the loan period?

Yes, you can continue using your vehicle while repaying the loan. The logbook serves as collateral, allowing you to retain possession of your vehicle.

4. Are there penalties for early loan repayment?

First Capital Limited encourages responsible financial management. There are no penalties for early loan repayment, and you can pay off the loan ahead of the agreed-upon schedule.

5. Are there any hidden charges associated with logbook loans?

First Capital Limited is committed to transparency. There are no hidden charges associated with logbook loans. All fees and charges will be clearly communicated during the loan application process.


Logbook loans by First Capital Limited open doors to financial possibilities, offering substantial funds, flexible repayment terms, and swift processing. As a leading financial partner, First Capital Limited’s commitment to customer satisfaction and transparent operations make them a reliable choice for your financial needs. Whether you’re an individual seeking personal support or a business striving for growth, First Capital Limited stands ready to support your financial aspirations.

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We offer logbook loans of up to 60% of the vehicles market value.